Noise Is Music’s Dream of Us

Simultaneous scenarios of noise, magnets, tape, transience, fragments…

Noise Is Music's Dream of Us glows in its rendering of charges; analog guitar, reeds, shrill hideousness- Remaining still for satisfactory listening. Featuring James Merenda on reeds, Brandon Seabrook, guitar, Jared Seabrook, drums and all on various noises and sounds.

Dave Bryant Quartet

Former Ornette Coleman Prime Time Band’s keyboardist holds court with James, bassist John Turner and drummer Eric Rosenthal of Naftule’s Dream.

David Maxwell (

The Grammy winning blues/jazz pianist plays with James, bassist Jon Voigt and drummer Eric Rosenthal third Friday of every month at Zeitgeist Gallery (

James Merenda Trio. (Link to clip on CD page)

This classic piano trio setting offers elegance and versatility while creating a mood which is both classy and fun. Playing well known Jazz standards and lesser known gems from the musical canon, James creates an atmosphere of sophistication which brings the crowd back to the days when Jazz was the most popular music of it’s time. The trio features a cadre of well known players from the Boston jazz scene and beyond, among them; bassists Jef Charland, John Turner, drummers, Eric Rosenthal (Naftule’s Dream) and Mike Connors. The trio performs regularly at Matt Murphy’s Pub, Costello’s Bistro and at private functions. The group is available for booking for events including shows and weddings.

Vanessa Morris/James Merenda

Trimming down to a duo allows both James and vocalist Vanessa room to explore musical ideas and conversations playing jazz standards and original compositions.

Vanessa Morris Scott Sandvik Duo

Inspired by the timeless shouts, hollers and blues of legendary artists such as Suddie Griffins, John and Luddie Griffins, Vera Hall and Mrs. Sidney Carter, this projects pays homage to true roots music and serves as a showcase for Vanessa’s wide-ranging talents as a vocalist and Sandviks call and response blues/gospel guitar.

Ran Blake, (

Since 1991 James and Ran, the Third Stream jazz progenitor, have played around Boston and Europe and recorded together. Make appoint of checking out Horace is Blue: A Silver Noir. (link to the CD on the CD page)

Projects and collaborations always seem to spawn other new and exciting projects. The concentric network of musicians keeps growing in the James Merenda circle, check back often to see how the circle has expanded.



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